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Major XCH Media Indicators

Sentix Media Index (24h)

Reflects the general media sentiment around a key item during a 24-hour time frame. They refine the magnitude of news sentiment by comparing it to historical maximums
The all-time low negative Media Sentiment: 2023-08-25
The all-time high Positive Media Sentiment: 2021-05-06


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News Coverage Volume (24h)

The total media weight of sites tracking crypto or a specific entity is based on publication count and site authority. Higher News Coverage Volume means more news from reputable sources, while fewer, less credible articles lower it
The all-time low News Coverage Volume
The all-time high News Coverage Volume: 2021-05-06


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Sentix Media Index (SMI) for the crypto industry and XCH price correlations for 24h

A metric analyzing the crypto industry and XCH price correlations over the last 24h
Weighted Sum

This graph shows a correlation of media sentiment in the crypto industry with XCH price shifts, with filters for customization:

  • - Price: Changes over a selected period.
  • - Volume: Trading volume from CoinMarketCap data for a period.
  • - Sentiment: Average media sentiment for a period.
  • - Tweet: Sentix Media Index (SMI) for key opinion leader Tweets.
  • - Articles: Sentix Media Index (SMI) for articles only.
  • - All: Shows all data for detailed analysis.

The chart uses two types of candles:

  • -Blue candles for positive sentiment.
  • - Orange candles for negative sentiment.
Note: Sentix's historical data analysis from the past seven years shows that very high positive sentiment often predicts a market correction, while big candles with negative sentiment are the best entry points.